Welcome to the website of Dog's Tail Books. We hope you find something of interest that makes your visit to this site worthwhile! We love books and all that we do is for the love of books.

We publish print books and e-books. On each page you have to scroll down to see all our available titles - by clicking on the cover, you will be taken to the Amazon site where you can read more about the book and buy it. Our story began when we tried to buy a selection of verse by Christopher Smart, a now neglected 18th century English poet. The only edition was £16.99 - so we produced our own much cheaper version.

And we try to remain true to that principle of offering good value books, cheaper than other published versions - where the work is out of copyright or where we can draw attention to a neglected writer or thinker. Remaining true to radical and progressive principles has also meant that we have published neglected early works by anarchist, socialist or radical thinkers. In short, while remaining true to principles of good value, we publish what we like or works which we think should be more widely known or more cheaply available: the economic logic of Print on Demand publishing (especially   when the writer is out of copyright) demand that prices should come down and the consumer should benefit.

We also write ourselves and have a special imprint - Red Axe Books - for original works of fiction and poetry. Much of our own writing can also be found on the Study Guides & Criticism page. 

So welcome to a website where John Milton rubs shoulders with Leon Trotsky, where William Blake and Tom Paine can be found alongside Chekhov and Ibsen! Where Bakunin (in French and Spanish) can be found alongside Thomas Hardy and Edith Wharton! All for the love of books!

Some of our books are only available for sale in the USA. The reason is simple: the USA and the European Union have different copyright laws and books are out of copyright in the USA, while they are still in copyright in the UK and the EU.

All the books on Amazon UK are also available in America.